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Dimestore Information Archive
A.C. Williams
Ajax Plastics Corp.
All Nu Products Inc. - Faben Products Inc.
American Alloy - Toy Creation - American Lead & Novelty Co.
American Metal Toys
American Mint Corporation
American Soldier Co. - Eureka Metal Co.
Arcade Mfg. Co.
Auburn Rubber Corporation
Baldwin Mfg. Co.
Banner Toys
Barclay 1924 to 1934
Barclay 1935 and after  -  BAC to 107a
Barclay 1934 and after - B108 TO B218A
Barclay Podfoot
Barclay H.O. Railroad Figures
Barclay Midi Figures
Barclay Miscellaneous
Barclay Civilian & Military Vehicles
Buddy L
Champion Hardware Co.
Christies Metal Toy & Soldier Co.
Corcoran Metal Products / Cor-Cor
Cosmo Novelty Company
Dale Model Company
Dayton Toy & Specialty Co.
Durrell Company / Trixytoy
Gem Clay Forming Co.
George Grampp
Greyklip Armies Uncle Sam's Defenders
Grey Iron Casting Co. LTD.
Grey Iron American Family Series
H.B.Toys - Helm Brothers Toys
Historical Miniatures
Holgate Brothers Toy Co.
Hubley Figurative Cast Iron
Hubley Military Vehicles, Equiptment & Guns
J. Chein & Co.
James Miniatures
Jaymar Specialty Company
J.E. Stevens Co.
J.H. Miller Company
John Wright Co.
Jones - Metal Arts Minatures Co.
Keystone Mfg. Co.
Kingsbury Mfg. Co.
Korean Grey Iron Reproductions
Liberty Playthings
Lincoln Logs - Noveltoy - Allied Toys
Lincoln Logs Sets
Loebel Widmann - Madein America
M & L Toy Co. Inc.
Manoil Pre WWII - M1 to M128
Manoil Happy Farm Series 1941  -  M129 to M169a
Manoil 1941 and after - MC1 to M224
Manoil My Ranch Corral Series
Manoil Cannons, Vehicles and Accessories
Marx 6 inch plastic figures
Marx American Heroes
Marx Comic, Disney & T.V. Figures
Marx Famous Canadians
Marx Goldmarx
Marx Miniature Masterpieces
Marx Miniature Playsets
Marx Playsets
Marx Playset Figures
Marx Religious Figures
Marx Tin & Plastic Military Toys
Marx Soldiers of Fortune
Marx Warriors of the World
McLoughlin Bros.
Metal Cast Products Co.
Metal Toy Soldier Co.
Milo King Fort Ticonderoga Souvenir Toy Soldiers
Milton Bradley Co.
Miscellaneous Military Toys
Molded Products
Moss Mfg. Co.
Nifty Play Toys
Ny-Lint Tool & Mfg. Co.
Parker Brothers
Parachute Toys
Paul Paragine
Plastic Toys Inc.
Playwood Plastics - Transogram - Gold Medal
Pyro Plastics Inc.
Rich Toys Inc.
Renwal Manufacturing Company
Schieble Toy & Novelty Co.
Sell Rite Giftware
Sheila Inc.
Slik-Toys - Slikite
Soljertoy - Pearltoys
Steelcraft Mfg. Co.
Structo Toys
Sturditoy Corporation
The Conestoga Company
The Dent Hardware Co.
The Ohio Art Co.
The Sun Rubber Company
Theodore Hahn
Tip Top Toys
Toledo Metal Wheel Co.
Tommy Toy
Tonka Toys
Tootsietoy Military
Turner Toys
Unique Art Mfg. Co.
U.S. Toys - Ferdinand Gutmann & Co.
Victory Glass Inc. - J.H. Millstein Co.
Virginia Metalcrafters
Wellmade Doll Co.
William Feix
Wilton Products Inc.
Wolverine Supply & Mfg. Co.
Wood Commodities Corp. / Commando Toys
W.S. Reed
Wyandotte Toys / All Metal Products
Breslin Industries of Canada
Londontoy of Canada
B. Shackman Co.
C.K. / Perfection Lead Toys / BESTMAID
George Borgfeldt Corporation
L.H. & C. / Long Craft
Sonsco / ALPS
Trico / Esanbe
B.F. (Blancherie Freres)
C.L. (Charles Lanoy)
G.M. (Georges Munckle)
H.R. (Henri Roger)
J.F. / J.S.F.
Vertunni (Gustave Vertunni)
Contemporary Dimestore Companies 1976 to Present


Marx 6 inch plastic figures

All Values based on Mint Condition only

Cavemen Series No.1980

Circa 1964

Charging with club - $20.00

Charging with club in right hand, and rock knife in left hand - $20.00

Charging with tomahawk - $20.00

Standing with spear - $20.00

Throwing rock, over head - $20.00

Throwing rock, with right hand low - $20.00

Cavemen were sold in butterscotch

Russian re-issues produced in black plastic

Vikings Series No.1981

Circa 1964

Blowing horn, holding spear in right hand - $38.00

Charging with battle axe in right hand, high and shield on left arm - $38.00

Charging with knife in right hand high, and club in left hand - $38.00

Chief standing with sword, in right hand - $38.00

Swinging battle axe, with both hands high - $45.00

Swinging sword, with both hands high - $45.00

Vikings were sold in light green

Knights Series No.1985

Circa 1964

Attacking with battle axe, over head - $20.00

Attacking with mace, over head - $20.00

Attacking with sword in left hand, and bolt in right hand - $22.00

Fighting with sword in right hand, and shield on left arm - $22.00

Lunging with halberd - $20.00

Standing pointing with left hand, shield in right hand - $20.00

Knights were sold in silver

Pioneers Series No.1986

Circa 1964

Attacking with knife and hatchet - $30.00

Running with rifle - $30.00

Shooting pistol with right hand, holding knife in left hand - $30.00

Standing with rifle - $30.00

Swinging rifle overhead - $30.00

Wounded with arrow, holding rifle - $38.00

Pioneers were sold in butterscotch

Russian re-issues by Donetsk in the 1980's in silver

Cowboys No.1983

Circa 1964

Cowboy firing pistol from hip - $24.00

Cowboy quick draw - $24.00

Cowboy shooting two pistols - $26.00

Cowboy shooting two pistols, made in "BASA PERU", olive, sienna or tan soft plastic - 5 1/4 inches tall - $15.00

Cowboy with lasso - $28.00

Wounded dropping pistol - $26.00

Wounded dropping pistol, made in "BASA PERU", olive, sienna or tan soft plastic - 5 inches tall - $15.00

Sheriff firing rifle from hip - $24.00

Sheriff firing rifle from hip, made in "BASA PERU", olive, sienna or tan soft plastic - 5 1/2 inches tall - $15.00

Cowboys were sold in butterscotch and tan

Hong Kong re-issues in blue & yellow

Indians No.1982

Circa 1964

Charging with tomahawk and knife, two headfeathers - $22.00

Chief charging with tomahawk and knife - $22.00

Chief with right hand in air, spear and shield in left hand - $22.00

Doing war dance, with tomahawk in right hand and spear in left hand - $26.00

Shooting Bow - $28.00

Throwing spear - $22.00

Indians were sold in butterscotch and peach

Plastimarx of Mexico sold re-issues in brown

U.S. Troopers No.1984

Circa 1964

Bugler, with rifle in right hand - $40.00

Butting with rifle - $40.00

Officer drawing pistol - $38.00

Officer leading charge, with sword in air - $50.00

Standing firing rifle - $40.00

Wounded with arrow, dropping pistol - $50.00

U.S. Troopers were sold in blue

WW1 French

Made in Great Britain Circa 1964

Charging sling arms - $60.00 to $105.00

Clubbing with rifle - $60.00 to $105.00

Kneeling drawing bayonet - $60.00 to $105.00

Kneeling with machine gun - $60.00 to $105.00

Leading charge, rifle in left hand - $60.00 to $105.00

Standing firing rifle - $60.00 to $105.00

French were sold in light blue

WW2 Americans

Advancing with rifle -

Charging with tommy gun -

Slashing with rifle -

Throwing Grenade -  

Marine sitting at radar unit - 10 inches tall - $30.00 to $50.00


WW2 British

Made in Great Britain Circa 1963

Officer advancing with pistol - $60.00

Charging with rifle - $60.00

Charging with rifle in right hand - $60.00

Mine Detector - $60.00

Standing firing rifle - $60.00

Throwing Grenade, holding tommy gun - $60.00

WW2 British were sold in olive and tan

WW2 Germans No.1998

Circa 1963

Bayonetting down - $120.00 to $206.00

At the ready, rifle leveled - $32.00

At the ready, rifle leveled, 54mm, tan - $15.00

Kneeling Firing Rifle - $32.00

Kneeling Firing Rifle, 54mm, tan - $15.00

Marching sling arms giving salute - $32.00

Marching sling arms giving salute, currently being made in China in blue plastic - $10.00

Running with ammo can - $32.00

Standing Firing Rifle - $32.00

Standing Firing Rifle, 54mm, tan - $15.00

Throwing Grenade - $32.00

Throwing Grenade, 54mm, tan - $15.00

WW2 Japanese No.1996

Circa 1963

Charging with bayonetted rifle - $28.00

Charging with machette - $28.00

Charging with pistol and knife - $28.00

Officer pointing, holding binoculars in left hand - $28.00

Standing firing rifle - $28.00

Throwing grenade - $28.00

Japanese were sold in butterscotch

Mexican re-issues in metallic black

WW2 Russians No.1992

Circa 1963

Butting with rifle - $30.00

Officer Charging with pistol in air - $30.00

Sniper standing firing rifle - $30.00

Sniper standing firing rifle, khaki - $36.00

Sniper with Rifle - $30.00

Sniper with Rifle, khaki - $30.00

Throwing Grenade - $30.00

Russians were sold in light green and khaki

Russian re-issues by Donetsk in the 1980's in black

Scottish Soldiers

Spoofing Caricatures

Circa 1965

British Col. McDuff, sienna, U.S. Version - $440.00

Cuban General Manuel Maracca, sienna, U.S. Verison - $614.00

German General Flugal Von Strudel, green - $615.00

German General Flugal Von Strudel, blue, Great Britain Version - $142.00

German General Flugal Von Strudel, green, Great Britain Version - $615.00

Sake Sake, red, Great Britain Version - $142.00 to $524.00

Sake Sake, sienna, U.S. Version - $524.00

Sergeant Sweet, U.S. Version, sienna - $440.00

Astronauts No.1979

Campus Cuties 1st Version

Dinner for Two - $22.00

Lazy Afternoon - $22.00

Lodge Party - $22.00

On the Beach - $22.00

Shopping Anyone - $22.00

Stormy Weather - $22.00

Campus Cuties 2nd Version

A Touch of Pink - $45.00

Bell of the Ball - $45.00 to $59.00

Bermuda Holiday - $45.00 to $68.00

Day at the Races - $45.00 to $78.00

Twist Party - $44.00

Sold in a light pink

Disney No.1978

Sold in Green and Red

Man From U.N.C.L.E. No.1989

Circa 1966

Illya Kuryakin, standing with machine gun pistol in right hand, blue or light grey - $34.00

Napoleon Solo, advancing with gadget in left hand and pistol in right hand low, blue or light grey - $34.00

Thrush Agent No.1, standing firing rifle with wacky scope, blue - $80.00

Thrush Agent No.2, advancing with right hand in air and pistol in left hand low, blue - $34.00 

Thrush Officer, crouching with pistol in right hand - $34.00

Spies were sold in butterscotch & blue

Spy attacking with pistol butt - $34.00

Spy crouching with pistol in right hand - $34.00

Spy pointing with left hand, pistol in right hand - $34.00

Spy running with briefcase - $34.00

Spy standing shooting pistol, with right hand - $34.00

Spy standing with detonator in right hand, and pistol in left hand - $38.00

Spy standing with walkie talkie in right hand, and pistol in left hand - $38.00

Spy with machine gun pistol in left hand - $38.00

Spy with flashlight in right hand, and pistol in left hand high - $34.00

Man From U.N.C.L.E. shooting playset, 6 U.N.C.L.E. agents, 6 T.H.R.U.S.H. agents, cardboard town, 2 plastic shooting pistols with 6 missiles - $455.00

Mexican re-issues in black and silver with markings

Un-marked re-issues are found in orange

Monsters No.2015

Creature from the Black Lagoon - $60.00

Frankenstein - $40.00

Hunchback of Notre Dame - $40.00

Mummy - $40.00

Phantom of the Opera - $60.00

Wolfman - $40.00

Monsters were sold in blue & orange

Mexican un-marked re-issues found in a white glow in the dark, silver color and tan

Uncle Milton Industries Glow-In-The-Dark Universal Studios licensed Movie Monsters in single blister packs - Circa 1990

Nutty Mads No.2019

All Heart Hogan -

Bull Pen Coo Boo -

Chief Lost Tee Pee -

Dippy the Deep Diver -

End Zone -

Gutterball Annie -

Hippo Crit - $82.00

Mannie the Reckless Mariner -

Mudder - $36.00  

Now Children - $96.00

Rocko the Champ - $42.00

Smokey Sam -

The Thinker -  

Waldo the Weightlifter -    

Sold in Puke Green & Floriscent Green

Mexican re-issues in black and tan with no markings

Blame It

Circa 1964

I didn't break it - $50.00 to $66.00

I didn't do it - $42.00 to $64.00

I didn't eat it - $32.00 to $42.00

I didn't get dirty - $38.00 to $42.00

I didn't paint it - $38.00 to $50.00

I didn't push him - $32.00 to $38.00

Sold in light blue

Super Heros No.1997

Circa 1967

Captain America - $38.00

Daredevil - $38.00

Incredible Hulk - $45.00

Iron Man - $45.00

Spiderman - $46.00

Thor - $38.00

Sold in blue, green, orange, red and teal, mail in premiums in grey

Mexican re-issues in red, Mexican markings

Re-issues in burnt orange, no markings

Hawk Model Co.

Circa 1964

Digger - $50.00

Daddy Hawk - $94.00 to $100.00

Freddy Flameout in Airplane - $36.00 to $50.00

Drag Hag - $50.00 to $72.00

Davey Lone Wolf Biker - $72.00 to $106.00

Donald the Demon -

Endsville Eddie - $100.00 to $164.00

Marked with Hawk Model Co. and Marx Logos

Sold in Turquoise and Orange

Mexican re-issues in silver with no markings

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