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Holt's Hobbies

The Beginnings: In the words of Bill Holt

"Early in 1984, Sharon and I were wandering through an antique Show on Miami Beach when I spotted the #199 hospital tent and 16 Barclay soldiers. I had no idea that any soldiers had outlived the Red Ryders and M-80'S of the 50's! I also had no idea there were other collectors in the world, but I knew I was hooked! Not knowing where I could find more soldiers in quantity, I bought some new Zinc soldier molds to see how moulds were made. The idea of producing my own army intrigued me, and I began to whittle a soldier out of balsa wood. I wanted something in a battle pose that Barclay and Manoil had not made, and thus was born the wounded soldier in a foxhole(H2). After lots of reading, much experimentation, and a few major disasters in mold making, the desired effect was achieved, and I was delighted with the results! Several months later I met Phil Savino of Micanopy, Florida at an antique mall show. He had some old toy soldiers for sale, which I bought, and expressed interest when I told him what I was doing with my hobby. I showed him my efforts, and he strongly urged and encouraged me to continue the line and manufacture of my soldiers. Holt's Hobbies became a reality in June of 1984, and has become my sole activity".

Note: This article was taken from Holt's Hobbies Premiere Catalog (copyright 1990)

Holt's Hobbies produced a new line of Dimestore soldiers in action poses never produced by the old companies, but compatible with them.Holt offered both individual pieces and sets, but did not sell un-painted figures or to retail outlets, but instead preferred to sell directly to collectors.
The figures were hollow cast in one of three ways; two pieces soldered together at the waist, out the back with a field pack soldered over the spur hole, or drop cast out the bottom (hole visible). All helmets are cast on, the soldiers are cleaned, painted with a high grade acrylic enamel, and baked. Prices varied due to the complexity of the castings: some figures require soldering several pieces to a form finished figure, while others can be made using simple two piece moulds.

Bill Holt produced his signature soldiers from 1984 to January 31st 1994. After 1994 Holt produced a few Limited Edition WW2 Sets to compliment his earlier line, but never again produced soldiers in any quantity.
There is one six piece Limited Edition Set of WW2 Marines with camouflage pot helmets and olive drab uniforms.The set includes a 50 caliber machine gunner, ammo feeder, one prone BAR, one prone firing M14 rifle, one kneeling firing 30 caliber rifle, one standing flame thrower.
The second Limited Edition Set is a 6 piece U.S. Army Set with olive drab pot helmets and khaki uniforms.The set includes a 50 caliber machine gunner, ammo feeder, one prone BAR, one prone firing M14 rifle, one kneeling firing 30 caliber rifle, one standing flame thrower.
Due to a very limited production of these Limited Edition Sets, these are some of the rarest of the Holt figures.

Holt's Hobbies was located at 19800 South West 180th Avenue, Miami, Florida.

Holt's Hobbies figures

All Values based on Mint condition only

WW1 Doughboys

Doughboy Advancing with rifle - $45.00

H-2 Doughboy Wounded in foxhole (2 pieces) - $58.00

H-3 Doughboy Officer kneeling with pistol - $45.00

H-4 Doughboy Kneeling with fixed bayonet - $45.00

H-5 Doughboy Seated, firing rifle - $45.00

H-6 Doughboy Tommy Gunner, pointing - $45.00

H-7 Doughboy Gas Mask, crawling with tommy gun - $45.00

H-8 Doughboy Gas Mask, on side, re-loading - $45.00

H-9 Doughboy Gas Mask, kneeling, affixing bayonet - $48.00

H-10 Doughboys (2 pieces) with rifles carrying communications spool - $120.00

H-11 Doughboys (2 pieces) with rifles carrying large ammo box - $120.00

H-12 Doughboy carrying rifle and small ammo box - $60.00

H-13 Doughboy carrying two small ammo boxes - $75.00

H-14 Field Medics (2 pieces) carrying one large and two small medical kits - $130.00

H-15 Field Medic carrying two small medical kits - $75.00

H-16 Doughboy Lying on side, lobbing grenade - $45.00

H-17 Doughboy Parade Rest with rifle - $45.00

H-18 Guard in Campaign hat, shoulder arms - $45.00

H-19 Doughboy with Lewis Gun standing - $45.00

H-20 Doughboy Firing up with rifle - $45.00

H-21 Doughboy Jabbing with rifle and bayonet  - $48.00

H-22 Doughboy in Campaign hat, marching with rifle - $45.00

H-22A Doughboy in steel helmet, marching with rifle - $45.00

H-23 Barber in overseas cap shaving seated Doughboy (2 pieces) - $120.00

H-24 Doughboy at Present Arms with rifle - $45.00

H-25 Doughboy at Port Arms, rifle fixed bayonet - $55.00

H-26 Doughboy Kneeling firing rifle grenade - $45.00

H-27 Doughboy Crawling with rifle and wire cutter - $48.00

H-28 Doughboy Officer standing with binoculars - $45.00

H-29 Doughboy Kneeling with artillery shell - $45.00

H-30 Doughboy Standing firing rifle (fixed bayonet) - $48.00

H-31 Doughboy Kneeling firing rifle - $48.00

H-32 Doughboy Kneeling firing sub machine gun - $48.00

H-33 Doughboy Standing with rifle at parry (fixed bayonet) - $48.00

H-34 Doughboy seated with rifle - $45.00

H-35 Pilot recounting the battle (2 pieces) - $120.00

H-36 General Pershing walking - $55.00

H-37 Kneeling Field Doctor - $55.00

H-38 Nurse in hard hat - $55.00

H-39 Doughboy wounded lying - $45.00

H-40 Doughboy Stretcher bearer - $45.00

H41 Sailor in white marching with rifle - $45.00

H41A Sailor in blue marching with rifle - $45.00

H42 Doughboy Charging with rifle, fixed bayonet - $55.00

Specialties WW1 Doughboys

Machine Gun, gunner & assistant (3 pieces) - $90.00

H-MS1 Motor Scout, goggled helmet - $90.00

H-MS2 Motor Scout, campaign hat - $90.00

H-SC1 Sidecar carrying Doughboy with tommy gun - $60.00

H-SC2 Sidecar carrying Officer - $60.00

H-SC3 Sidecar carrying Wounded Doughboy - $60.00

H-DMC Light Mortar Crew (3 pieces) - $90.00

H-AFGC Doughboy Artillery Crew firing French 75mm field gun (5 pieces) (4 soldiers) - $175.00

H-FASWC French Artillery Set 75mm Gun; caisson and 4 seated Doughboys - $175.00

H-FAC Caisson for 75mm gun - $90.00

H-AMEDS American Medical set (5 figures and stretcher) - $250.00

WW1 Germans

German Kneeling rifleman - $45.00

HG-2 German Captured, supine - $45.00

HG-3 German Surrendering - $45.00

HG-4 German Dead with separate rifle - $48.00

HG-5 German Advancing with rifle, low port - $45.00

HG-6 German Advancing with rifle leveled - $45.00

HG-7 German Advancing with Madsen automatic rifle - $45.00

HG-8 German Crawling with grenade and rifle - $45.00

HG-9 German Officer standing with raised luger pistol, pointing - $45.00

HG-10 German Standing firing rifle - $48.00

HG-11 German Prone firing rifle - $45.00

HG-12 German Standing with rifle, lobbing grenade - $45.00

HG-13 German Officer kneeling with binoculars - $45.00

HG-14 German Loader kneeling with shell - $45.00

HG-15 German On Side affixing bayonet - $48.00

HG-16 General with sword and swagger stick - $55.00

HG-17 German Officer standing with binoculars - $45.00

HG-18 German Charging (rifle fixed bayonet) - $48.00

HG-19 German Shot (falling with rifle) - $48.00

HG-20 German Running with ammo box and rifle - $60.00

HG-21 German Seated with rifle - $45.00

HG-22 German Field Radio operator - $60.00

HG-23 German Kneeling with rifle/fixed bayonet - $48.00

HG-24 German Prone, upraised torso and rifle - $48.00

HG-25 German Prone Observer with binoculars and slung rifle - $45.00

HG-26 German Officer kneeling firing luger - $45.00

HG-27 German Stretcher Bearer - $50.00

HG-28 German Wounded lying - $50.00

Specialties WW1 Germans

German Machine Gun, gunner and assistant (3 pieces) - $98.00

HGMC German Mortar Crew (5 pieces) - $175.00

HGAC German Artillery Crew and 7.7cm/field gun (6 pieces) in firing position.(5 soldiers) - $175.00

HGASWC German Artillery Set 7.7cm gun: caisson and 4 seated soldiers - $175.00

HGGC German Caisson for 7.7cm gun - $90.00

HGSBS German Stretcher Bearer set (4 pieces) - $200.00

Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Sets

HLE1 "A Purple Heart for Old Shep",
Triplex- Wounded German Shepard being bandaged by Field Medic while drinking water from his Master's helmet (mold destroyed after 500 figures cast) - $90.00

HLE2 "Teamwork" Lewis Gunner, Firing from Shell Hole with K-9 Ammo Runner at his side (2 pieces) (mold Destroyed after 150 figures cast) - $90.00

HLE3 "After the Battle", Lewis Gunner, his Buddy, and Old Shep resting between Campaigns (3 pieces) (mold destroyed after 150 figures cast) - $135.00

HLE4 "General Blackjack Pershing saluting on horse" (2 pieces) (mold destroyed after 200 figures cast) - $90.00

HLE5 "Kaiser Wilhelm on horse" (2 pieces) (mold destroyed after 200 figures cast) - $90.00


American Machine Gun, solid cast - $25.00

HA-2 German Machine Gun, solid cast - $25.00

HA-5 Artillery shell stack - $20.00

HA-6 American Flag (raises and lowers with hardwood pole & base) - $30.00

HA-7 German Mortar - $40.00

HA-8 Mortar shell stack (large shells) - $30.00

HA-9 Medium Mortar explosion - $35.00

HA-10 Small Grenade explosion - $25.00

HA-11 Metal Stretcher (fits all large Dimestores except Grey Iron) - $25.00

HA-12 Rifle stack - $28.00

Note: All Holt's Hobbies Item Numbers and Descriptions are taken directly from Holt's Hobbies Premier Catalog (copyright 1990)

Holt's Hobbies original sales prices varied from $5.00 for a HA-5 Artillery Shell Stack to $142.00 for a HGASWC German Artillery set, with individual figures selling for $12.00 each.

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