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Contemporary Dimestore Companies 1976 to Present



Location: New York

Circa: 1948 to

It is not quite clear where the AHI name comes from, it could originate from AHI Brand Toys from Japan but the AHI brand was also used by Japanese tin-toys manufacturer Naito Shoten and according to an article in the June 2003 issue of 'Toy Cars and Models' magazine, AHI stands for Azrak-Hamway International, Inc., a US toy distributor/manufacturer.

AHI models were also sold in the U.S. as Cragstan Models, (Cragstan Industries Inc. from New York, was a US distributor that specialized in toys, mainly from Japan which was founded in 1930 and ceased to exist around 1970), and probably by Chadwick Miller. Models identical to the AHI models were also sold in the US in boxes labelled Ace Imp. Co. I have also seen YONE brand Japanese tin toys with the AHI mark on them.

In 1964, Remco was acquired by Azrak-Hamway International, Inc. (AHI), a toy company, in New York, NY. In 1997, Jakks Pacific acquired Child Guidance and Remco from Azrak-Hamway International. Naito Shoten toys are usually marked with the brands AHI or AN and it is believed that they worked closely with Nomura in the 1960s. They mainly produced tin toy robots. The company known by toy collectors for their many Universal Monsters figures produced during the 1980s. These figures were a continuation of the license and figures first produced by AHI during the 1970s.

A.N. is something of a mystery company. Their toys were usually imported by AHI Toytime, (Azrak Hamway International) whose logo features prominently on the boxes, and this leads to some confusion. There is probably a connection with Nomura, while Kitahara claims the maker is 'Naito Shoten'. There's no confusing the fact that they created a superb group of early wind-up astronauts. These are the Inter Planet Space Captain, the Interplanetary Explorer, the Deep Sea Robot, the Spaceman, and the Polar Explorer.

It is presumed that the Naito Shoten company was Tokyo-based and produced only a small selection of toys in the mid-1950s. But there is also a theory that Naito Shoten was a reseller of Nomura toy variations.

All Values based on Mint Condition only

6000A Assortment

45mm scale

B.G. 100 British Guards, 1 officer, 2 standing firing rifles, 3 charging with rifles  - $25.00

U.S.M. 101 U.S. Marines - $48.00

U.S.I. 102 U.S. Infantry, 1 marching officer and 5 marching infantry - $28.00

U.S.I. 103 U.S. Infantry, 6 charging infantry - $50.00

U.S.I. 104 U.S. Infantry, 3 advancing machine gunners, 3 advancing with rifles - $25.00

Indian 105 Indian Walking figures, No.8/269, 6 indians on foot - $25.00

Indian 106 Indian Riders, No.8/259, 3 mounted indians, charging horses - $25.00

Indian 107 Indian Riders, 3 mounted indians, standing horses - $25.00 to $30.00

C.B. 108 Cowboy Riders, No.8/261, 3 mounted cowboys, standing horses - $25.00

C.B. 109 Cowboy Riders, 3 mounted cowboys, rearing horses - $25.00

C.B. 110 Cowboy Riders, 3 mounted cowboys, charging horses - $25.00

C.M. 119 Canadian Mounties, 3 mounted figures, standing horses - $35.00

7000B Assortment

45mm scale 

C.S. 111 Confederate Cavalry, 3 mounted figures - $36.00

C.S. 112 Confederate Infantry, 6 charging infantry - $35.00 to $42.00

U.S. 113 Union Cavalry, 3 mounted figures - $25.00

U.S. 114 Union Infantry - $35.00

G.W. 115 George Washington, mounted George Washington, 4 marching soldiers with rifle down - $45.00

U.S. 117 U.S. Cavalry, 3 mounted figures - $25.00

M.S. 118 Morrocan Infantry - $35.00

I.G. 120 Indian Cavalry, 3 mounted figures - $30.00

B.R.G. 121 British Royal Guards, 3 mounted Royal Guards, standing horses - $25.00

S.R. 122 Scottish Infantry, 1 officer, 2 standing firing rifles, 3 charging with rifles - $25.00

123 Knights, 1 mounted and 4 foot - $75.00

8000C Assortment

No.8000C G.I. Miniature Soldiers, 24 piece double set with tank and howitzer - $120.00

9000C Assortment

45mm scale

No.9000C Confederate soldiers, No.8/254, double set, 1 mounted and 12 foot - $75.00

No.9000C Civil War soldiers, large set, 1 mounted Confederate and 12 foot, 1 mounted Union and 12 foot - $90.00 to $120.00 MIB

No.9000C G.I. Miniature Soldiers, large set, 24 foot soldiers, 1 tank and 1 howitzer - $90.00 to $120.00 MIB

No.9000C Wild West assortment, large set - $90.00


M.F. 200

M.F. 201

No.8-175 American Civil War 1862, Confederate Artillery, 1 Officer with moving arm, 1 soldier with ramrod in moving arm, 1 firing cannon 4 3/4 inches long, marked "JAPAN" on bottom of bases, 50mm copies of Britains - $100.00 MIB

No.8-258 Confederate soldiers, single set, eight 65mm figures, 2 officers with sword, 3 soldiers standing firing rifle, 3 soliders charging with bayonet - $75.00 to $185.00

No.8-25? Civil War Soldiers, 8 65mm figures, 4 Confederate on foot, 1 officer with sword, 1 bugler, 1 charging, 1 standing firing, 4 Union on foot, 1 officer with sword, 1 bugler, 1 charging, 1 standing firing - $75.00  to $185.00 MIB

No.8-264 Confederate Cavalry, 3 mounted figures with colorful graphically illustrated background - 45mm scale - $36.00

No.5700R Robin Hood, six 65mm figures - $175.00 to $522.00

No.5600P Captain Kidd and his Pirates, six 65mm figures - $220.00 to $350.00

No.5725 Indian Village, three 65mm figures, campfire and tent - $75.00 to $96.00

No.5809 Miniature Animals, eight 65mm farm animals - $40.00 to $80.00

Cow, standing - $48.00

Horse, feeding - $15.00

Pig, standing - $12.00

Piglett, standing - $10.00

No.8000M Military, eight 55mm WW2 soldiers - $80.00

No.8910MA Military, four 55mm WW2 Soldiers - $64.00

Metal Miniatures Railroad Figures, No.5859-2, various sets - 22mm tall - $20.00 These figures were also sold by L.H.&C. Longcraft in the same box, just different writing on the box, but I rarely see the A.H.I. sets, suggesting to me they were only sold for a short period.

J-728 Indian Figures, Line Mar Toys, 6 various indian figures - 30mm tall - $120.00 to $150.00 NIB - These figures are the same size and style as the A.H.I. figures, in the same box with the same style writing on the box, after making the link between A.H.I. and L.H.&C. Longcraft, I feel as though all of these companies including the Match Box brand figures in the single box and Elegant Miniatures in the single box were all produced by a generic company and labeled with the buyers company information.

J-729 Frontier Figures, Line Mar Toys, 6 various frontier figures - 30mm tall - $120.00 to $150.00 NIB - These figures are the same size and style as the A.H.I. figures, in the same box with the same style writing on the box, after making the link between A.H.I. and L.H.&C. Longcraft, I feel as though all of these companies including the Match Box brand figures in the single box and Elegant Miniatures in the single box were all produced by a generic company and labeled with the buyers company information.

Military Vehicles

Army Anti Aircraft Truck, diecast - 2 inches long - $20.00

Army Cement Mixer Truck, diecast - 2 inches long - $20.00

Army Gasoline Truck, diecast - 2 inches long - $20.00

Army Log Truck, diecast - 2 inches long - $20.00

Army Radar Truck, diecast - 2 inches long - $20.00

Army Rocket Launcher, one removable rocket, diecast - 2 inches long - $35.00

Army Rocket Launcher, two removable rockets, diecast - 2 inches long - $35.00

Army Searchlight Truck, diecast - 2 inches long - $20.00

Army Troop Transport Truck, removable rocket, diecast - 2 inches long - $35.00

Army Wrecker, diecast - 2 inches long - $20.00

Military Truck, searchlight, No.5917, tin lithograph friction - $50.00 MIB

Military Truck, troop transport, tin lithograph friction - $50.00 MIB

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