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Contemporary Dimestore Companies 1976 to Present


Wolverine Supply & Mfg. Co.

Owner: Benjamin Bain

Location: Manufactured in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but maintained a general sales office at 200 Fifth Avenue, New York.

Circa: 1903 to 1950's

Specialty: Wolverine specialized in tin lithograph and pressed streel mechanical toys and games.

All Values based on Mint Condition only

Military Toy List

No.21 Army Transport - Equipped with mystery motor - 14 1/4 inches long. C10 $300.00

No.26 Sunny Andy Fleet Flyer - 25 inches long assembled - Circa 1929 - Five pieces in total make up the toy. Three pieces of track, biplane, and aerodrome. Measuring nearly 6" tall, 6" long, and 3¼" wide, the beautifully lithographed aerodrome is the centerpiece of the toy. Designed as an arched structure it's reinforced with two embossed metal ribs which run the entire height and width. An internal vertically placed steel rod and a precisely fitting separate base makes it even stronger. The sides were lithoed with a "modern" high wing monoplane parked on a field. Two men are shown approaching the plane. A beautiful art deco logo featuring two black bird wings, slightly tilted, and a spinning propeller really makes this toy stand out. The working time of the motor is extended with an automatic braking switch. The working time of the motor is extended with an automatic braking switch. It operates only when the plane strikes the switch which releases the motor. The motor causes a double sided rotating arm inside the aerodrome to act as an elevator. Two brackets located on the bottom edge of the plane are caught by the arm which lifts it from the lower to upper track. The plane is released onto a see-saw track. Gravity causes it to descend onto the lower track where the plane rolls back into the aerodrome and the cycle repeats. - $815.00 MIB

No.27 Drum Major, square base - 13 3/4 inches tall - $152.00 to $280.00 MIB

No.32 Ski Jumper - The ski ramp is made of pressed metal, the red roller part of the skier is also made of metal, the Skier is made of wood. On the toy it reads: "SKI JUMPER" Mfg. By Wolverine Supply Co. Pittsburgh, Pa. U.S.A. Measures 26" long x 5 1/4" high x 2 1/2" wide and comes with some fantastic graphics on the ramp and skier, the skier measures about 4 1/2" high. - $144.00

No.38 Ski-Scout - Wooden scout, obsticle (enemies in ambush) and slide brightly lithographed. 24 inches long. C10 $250.00  

No.66A Sunny Andy Kiddie Kampers - Boy & Girl Scouts - C10 $800.00

No.86 - Airplane Battleship - 3 planes included - 18 1/2 inches long. C10 $200.00 

No.S-87 - Diving Submarine - 13 inches long - Circa 1940 - C10 $110.00 to $162.00 

No.S-88 - Diving Submarine - C10 $110.00 

No.S-88A - Diving Submarine - Acclaimed as the "Blue Ribbon" action toy of 1940 - 13 1/2 inches long. C10 $110.00

No.90 - Mechanical Battleship - Fires as it cruises, harmless sparking guns - 14 3/4 inches long. $90.00

No.93A Luxury Liner, marked "S.S. WOLVERINE" on both sides, wind up tin lithograph - 14 1/2 inches long. $100.00 MIB

No.145 - Trap A Tank - When handle is turned, track in center vibrates which advances the tanks up the track. Turned up or cutout portions of the track form obstacles which act like tank traps. Game comes in one piece, but folds in half - 36 1/2 inches long x 7 3/4 inches wide. C10 $150.00 

No.158 - Air Defense Target game - Balls, included with the game are loaded into the swivel gun which automatically discharges one shot at a time. Gun is then aimed at the airplanes in the attacking fleet. The airplanes are numbered on the reverse side so that when a direct hit is made the plane turns over to show a dropping parachutist and the exact score made - 18 inches long x 11 1/4 inches wide. C10 $450.00

Battlefield Maze Game, hard plastic - 11 1/2 x 11 1/2 round - $34.00

Pennant, baseball game, 18 cast iron peg in baseball players probably made by Arcade and four cork balls - 18 inches wide x 25 inches long - $250.00 

Sunny Andy "Yankee Tank" - C10 $150.00

U.S. Air Force Jet Bank, hard plastic - 8 inches long - $38.00 

U.S. Army Staff car, push car, marked "U.S. ARMY 52004360" on both sides and "U.S.A. OSC" on front and back, tin lithograph with plastic wheels - 12 inches long - $150.00 to $260.00

U.S. Army Medical Service van, olive color, large red cross on both sides of van, rear opening door with locking latch, pressed steel with plastic wheels - 12 1/2 inches long - C10 $90.00 to $150.00

U.S. Army truck with canvas - C10 $90.00

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